21 Days Of Abundance Meditation Challenge – Day 1 – The Reality of Abundance

Inner vitality and flexibility is characterized by self-esteem, radiance, physical glow and flow, grace to face the challenges of life, and practice and discipline, which brings mastery over ones power as a human being. One lives in the awareness of ones inherent connection with all of life – and with ones own infinity.

Listen to the audio file and do the meditation first. The deeper you connect to the daily tasks, the more meaningful your transformation will be and the greater the impact it will have on your life.

Click here for Meditation Audio File Day 1

Here are the tasks for Day 1:

  1. Listen to the guided meditation with the mantra So Ham. 
  2. Write down today’s’ affirmation and remember it during the day as often as possible “Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me”
  3. In your notebook, write down what abundance means to you in this moment.
  4. Also make a list of 20 to 50 people who influenced your personal growth and development throughout your life.

Additional Yoga Practice:

To intensify and deepen your journey, practice grounding meditation, tune in with OM Mantra and todays yoga practice found in the videos below.

Have a wonderful day!

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