21 Days Of Abundance Meditation Challenge – Day 11 – Law of Least Effort

Today we will look at the Law of Least Effort and how it can help us free our desires and intentions, directing them to the spiritual realm to create more abundance in our lives. When your actions are motivated by love, your energy is multiplied and accumulated. Release of this energy allows you to redirect it towards the creation of everything that you want. When your spirit is your inner point of reference all of the immense power of universe is at your disposal. You can then use this energy creatively, moving toward abundance and evolution.

Our mothers are our fundamental female archetype that we use to construct our personality (one of 2 core ones – 2nd is father). So, it is crucial to understand what belief systems you inherited and how these are now shaping up your life.

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Here are the tasks for Day 11:

  1. Listen to the guided meditation with the mantra Om Daksham Nama.
  2. Write down today’s’ affirmation and remember it during the day as often as possible “I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me”
  3. In your notebook, answer to the following questions:
    Q1: According to your beliefs, how hard should you work to enjoy true abundance?
    Q2: In what areas of your life would you like to create more abundance?
    Q3: What changes should you make to release your desires into the space of universal consciousness – the source of all abundance?
  4. Also describe your mother, listing all of the following:
    – The positive aspects of my mother are ….
    – The limitations of my mother are ….
    – What I learn(ed) from my mother is ….
    – What separated / distances me from my mother is …
    If the above listings are not easy for you, try to distance yourself from your personal experiences. See your mother, first of all, just as a woman living her own, sometimes complicated life.

Additional Yoga Practice:

To intensify and deepen your journey, practice grounding meditation, tune in with OM Mantra and todays yoga practice found in the videos below.

Have a nice day, full of gratefulness and abundance in everything!

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