21 Days Of Abundance Meditation Challenge – Day 12 – Law of Intention and Desire

Attention energizes; intention transforms. Today we will look at this concept with the Law of Intent and Desire. Whatever you want or need in your life there is a way to get it. You can program the universal consciousness with its unlimited power to work for you by clearly articulating the intention and planting its seeds in the field of all possibilities. Thus, you will attract the right people as well as favourable situations and circumstances, which will help you in the manifestation and implementation of your desires.

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Here are the tasks for Day 12:

  1. Listen to the guided meditation with the mantra Om Ritam Nama.
  2. Write down today’s’ affirmation and remember it during the day as often as possible “I place my intention into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me.”
  3. In your notebook, answer to the following questions:
    Q1: What is your biggest intention in life?
    Q2: What did you do to get absolute clarity about it?
    Q3: How will this intention best serve you and others?
  4. Now, ask your mother* what was the biggest pain / disappointment in her life. And what dream or great desire of hers remained unfulfilled? Write the answers down in your notebook.
    * If your mother is no longer with you or for any other reason you think that it’s not right / you can not ask her personally, go into a state of meditation, connect to her, ask from the heart, and listen to the answer.

Additional Yoga Practice:

To intensify and deepen your journey, practice grounding meditation, tune in with OM Mantra and todays yoga practice found in the videos below.

Blissful day to you!

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