21 Days Of Abundance Meditation Challenge – Day 3 – Mind, Matter and Spirit

We can all benefit from pausing, allocating some time to ourselves and diving into the consciousness of abundance which is also good for our discipline and brings calmness and happiness.

Today you have complete freedom to create a solution. Use your imagination, your creativity and markers, pencils or paint completely freely. Put your judgemental mind aside and just do it. Dare and have fun!

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Here are the tasks for Day 3:

  1. Listen to the guided meditation with the mantra Sat Chit Ananda.
  2. Write down today’s’ affirmation and remember it during the day as often as possible “Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life”
  3. In your notebook, draw banknotes, checks, stocks, bonds, bills, coins, cryptos and any other means of payment and draw enough currency to pay all debts and expenses you recorded yesterday! We draw, so that the opportunity to pay off everything you need is created in field of possibilities. This is not about your drawing skills, but about allowing yourself to create your reality and let it into your life. Feel the satisfaction of creating a balance between the debts and the means of payment you are creating – as if it was a real payment.

Additional Yoga Practice:

To intensify and deepen your journey, practice grounding meditation, tune in with OM Mantra and todays yoga practice found in the videos below.

Have a pleasant and fulfilling day!

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