21 Days Of Abundance Meditation Challenge – Day 8 – Law of Pure Potentiality

Words have power! Little things are very important. They help our mind to build clues, hold on to the thought, accept it as our own and integrate it into reality.

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Here are the tasks for Day 8:

  1. Listen to the guided meditation with the mantra Om Bhavan Nama.
  2. Write down today’s’ affirmation and remember it during the day as often as possible “Through the law of pure potentiality, I can create anything anytime anywhere”
  3. Find at least 5 receipts of recent purchases (supermarket, restaurant, car, personal items, hairdresser, ..), confirmations of your investments in yourself. Write on each of them: “All that is invested in myself will pay for itself seven times over”. Allow yourself to connect with the words and pay attention to how you will feel when you imagine your investment paying back seven times over.
  4. From now on, write the statement above on every receipt that you receive until the end of the challenge.

Additional Yoga Practice:

To intensify and deepen your journey, practice grounding meditation, tune in with OM Mantra and todays yoga practice found in the videos below.

Have a great day with wishful thoughts and intentions.

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