Our Story

About dharma, the order that makes life and universe possible…

In fact, it doesn’t matter what you do, how much money you make with it or what status it has in society – if that what you do fits your destiny – in Eastern philosophy this is called ‘dharma’ – you will be fulfilled and feel happy.

Dharma is the order that makes life and universe possible, the ‘right way of living’. It is about flow and the abundance of giving, where everything is connected and in balance. The nature in Dharma Garden, feels so abundant and blissful and the night sky of stars makes one feel we are in the center of the universe.., and so the grounds of Dharma Garden felt like the perfect name for this little peace of paradise. The reverse is also true: if what you are doing is not in line with your own destiny, it can be so prestigious and lucrative, it will not satisfy or make you happy.

Dedicated to the healing balance of all, with Dharma Garden we are building a healing community, living together, sharing and offering ceremonies, yoga, meditation, sound healing, retreats, breath sessions, bodywork massages and much more… For each one to live from Dharma, follow ones destiny, to feel fulfilled and happy.

Dharma Garden

Dharma Garden Healing Community provides the perfect base to unwind and connect with nature. A sanctuary where activities and retreats are focused on developing self-awareness, while enjoying every moment fully. With only nature around, the grounds are so peaceful. There are no main roads around, no neighbours living near by, only some stables with sheeps and guardian dogs. There is no mains electricity, we live completely off the grid with solar power and water from the source.

The love, the land, the water, the wind, the fire, the energy and life around. Shift from head to heart. It all makes so much sense in this wonderful journey of ours.


Beloveds Bruno Cruz and Kim Kaur, from different countries and cultures were both led to the same place. Nowhere else in the Algarve one can find such a luxuriant vegetation as here. The land has mimosa trees, pine trees, cork oaks, arbutus trees (the fruits that are used to make medronho, a traditional Portuguese alcoholic liquor), citrus trees, a couple of amazingly old eucalyptus and chestnut trees. As well the land is enriched with many flowers and shrubs, wild mint, laurel, rosemary, heath, oleander, arbutus and rock roses.

The build up of Dharma Garden are lively times which we are happy to share this adventure with those who would like to live in our Healing Community. It is a home base for small retreats and events to transform oneself into a new being.

Portugal was calling

Bruno & Kim met in Ibiza and spend the summer of 2018 in the Algarve. We checked out some lands for sale and the first moment we stepped foot on the wild land of Portela do Moinho, we felt the overwhelming strong healing and transformational power of the 10ha wild forest with three hills, clear waters and two ancient ruins full of memories and reminders of the life of the ancestors. After experiencing the amazing views, rich vegetation, several water springs, strong spiritual power and so many signs, we fell in love and couldn’t deny that this land was calling US. And so Dharma Garden was born.

Time to build together

After a period of silence and confinement it is time to start building together. Also during the winter months the Algarve is a quiet but magic place to be. Why stay in the city if you could enjoy the creative healing energy of nature? An average temperature of 20 degrees during the day, empty beaches, clear blue water and peace and quiet, you are warmly invited!

Founders of Dharma Garden

Bruno Cruz

Bruno is inspired and guided by Native American Energy & Rituals. He is experienced and specialized in Shamanic Nature Medicine Healing, Shamanic breath/sound healing, Surf, Tantra, several types of massage, leading summer camps, and constructive building. He was born and raised in Lisbon and spent his summers in the Algarve. Later he started traveling the world and lived for over 10 years in Ibiza. He reminds you of the beauty of nature in and outside with silence, intuition, and creativity. He guides you through the waves of the sea, the hidden paths in nature, and the secrets of body, mind and soul.

Kim Kaur

Kim is focused and dedicated to Teach Kundalini Yoga, Kids Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Bodywork, Tantra and Yoga Lifestyle Coaching. She grew up in Amsterdam. After spending over 5 years in offices, she exchanged her digital city life in an apartment in Amsterdam for a Nomad life in an old van in Ibiza. She experienced the self-healing capacity of the body by balancing soul, mind and body through yoga technology. Her focus is to enhance the quality of ones life by sharing this knowledge through yoga & mindfulness coaching, workshops and retreats in The Netherlands, Portugal & Ibiza.