21 Days Private Abundance Yoga & Meditation Online Retreat

In a time with confusion and fear in the world, we have the opportunity to move inwards and bring attention to that what we want to change and invite into our lives. With this private 21 day abundance home-retreat you will be able to create that intention and transform yourself into a new being, a lighter being, more conscious, more free, more loving, more centered… To live an abundant life!

The aim during this retreat is to discover true happiness and abundance in your life through daily assignments, yoga, mantras and short meditations. This process is an opportunity to learn how to devote time to yourself and your personal development each and every day. The goal is to get to know yourself better, to change or clarify your values and intentions.

Kim Kaur, experienced and certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Yoga Lifestyle Coach supports your journey by the exploration of your inner world through yoga technology and expand your understanding of what abundance, flow and energy really mean.


-Learn how to attract happiness and abundance into your life
-Dive into the world of intentions
-Create chakra alignment and free energy flow
-Learn how to meditate
-Practice yoga in the comfort of your own home


This retreat is a complete individual journey which can start any day. On the program you will find everyday meditation audio files, to set your daily intention, accompanied with a mantra. There will be daily assignments to work on, and suggested yoga practice videos to intensify and support your journey. The work all together will take approximately 1 and sometimes 1,5 hours of your day.

During the first week, you will learn what true abundance is, where it comes from, and how consciousness, body and mind influence it. In the second week, you will discover how abundance relates to the chakras and the seven spiritual laws of success. In the last week, you focus on how to attract abundance instantly and start living in abundance now.

The retreat is suitable for everyone who wants to draw abundance into a certain area of their life: relationships, spirituality, material wealth, health and other.

Example of your daily schedule
07:45 Preparing your space
08:00 Introduction & Meditation
08:15 Notebook assignment
08:45 Yoga session
09:15 Closing the space


This retreat takes place in the comfort of your own home. By starting this retreat, it is your own responsibility to stay in the process for the next 21 days. 

What’s included

  • Daily tasks and assignments
  • 21 day-theme audio meditations
  • 21 theme-matching yoga practice
  • Background information and written practice

Energy Exchange

On the law of energy exchange we gratefully receive your donation for this Abundance online-retreat. We’d really appreciate it if you would donate to our GoFundMe. We invite all donators to one of our special Fundraising Celebration Retreats next year 🙏