One Day Retreats

One Day

In this super-fast world of busy, busier, busiest, it sometimes seems as if we have lost the connection. With ourselves and with each other. We constantly reach for distraction or dive into our phone. We just keep going and actually connect mainly through our electronical devices. And we all want a little more peace and quiet in our heads. Sometimes we go on a trip or book a weekend away to disconnect completely. But that is by no means accessible to everyone, in terms of price and time. Therefore 1 day! For everyone. To find that connection again. With yourself. With others. With nature.

Location Algarve

These One Day Retreats take place, one hour from Faro Airport, at the South West area of Algarve, close to Aljezur with powerful landscapes where nature is still wild.

The most beautiful beaches of Portugal like Amoreira, Monte Clerigo, Odeceixe, Arrifana (for surfing) are just around the corner. The next larger towns are Lagos and Portimao on the south coast with its charming old houses and lots of shops and good restaurants. The west coast from Sagres to Sines called “Costa Vicentina” is a protected area and therefore without big hotels, only little villages and fantastic beaches.

A sanctuary, an oasis of calmness, for spiritual growth where all the activities and retreats are focused on developing your self-awareness. The energy of the abundant nature supports the process of healing and awakening. Here, you will have the chance to relax, get back to yourself, each other, enjoy the silence, and practice yoga and meditation.

The One Day Idea: Connection. Love. Balance. Inspiration. Energy.

In this increasingly individualistic society that is all about fast, faster, fastest, we have less and less time and space for each other. It seems as if we have forgotten that true love cannot be created with possession but comes from within ourselves. One Day Retreats originated from the need for more connection and consciousness.

We need others to live and survive. To reproduce, to learn, and to grow… Sometimes it may seem scary to just connect with an “unknown”, or even with yourself, but you will discover that that connection gives strength and inspiration. And we want to offer you that.

In One Day you will look for the connection with your true Self and from there with everything around you. We will make that voyage of discovery through Yoga, meditation, sharing circles, workshops and much more. A complete day with the focus on connecting and experiencing love.

There are also weekends and weeks where you experience this, but these retreats are not always accessible to everyone. They are often expensive and sometimes you just want to celebrate holidays between your busy job, and take one day for yourself, or you can’t even take a whole week off from work or family. Therefore One Day. We would like to give everyone the opportunity to experience this feeling. For as many people as possible. A gift, for yourself but actually for everyone!

You will go home full of inspiration, love and strength, after only One Day.

This Experience

A day to completely unwind
Time for reflection
For all levels
Only organic food
English & Portuguese spoken
Individual or group
Fresh energy and inspiration


June, July, August, September, October.


Packages available from € 95.00


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