Recreational Tent

Our summer accommodation

Available from June till September: A recreational tent in Dharma Garden is our budget accommodation for an adventurous stay surrounded by mountains, trees and wildlife.

Wake up with Nature

The tent is located in the middle of the forest about 2 km outside the cosy village of Marmelete, overlooking the lush green hills of Moinho de Cima. Marvel at the panoramic overviews and the streaming water of the valley below. All totally hidden from one another and completely secluded. Come and get lost in nature and simply be.

A stay with all the basics you need

In the tent you’ll find a comfortable double bed, with pillows, warm duvet, and matching plaid. For a unique magical night, in the middle of the mountains under millions of stars. An experience, a traveler’s rejuvenation!

Ecological enjoyable experience

We believe in the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle, so we maintain as little footprint to our land as we can, and still give you a unique and enjoyable experience. Outside there is a wooden cabin with sun warmed shower and eco-toilet. For your comfort we provide: Basic first aid kit, Extra Blankets, Towels & linens, Drinking bottled water, Drinking glasses, Hand soap & toilet paper.

For budget retreat packages with stay in the tent next season of summer 2021, please contact us.