Retreats in Algarve, Portugal

We are sharing several retreat experiences in and around Dharma Garden Retreat Center in 2021. We have unique accommodations to offer beautiful private, small-group retreats with sessions in the middle of nature!

Because we offer private and small-group retreats at Dharma Garden Retreat Center, we are also operating now in times of change and restrictions. Especially to support ones mental, emotional and physical health through raising our vibrations onto a higher level. At the accommodations where you stay we follow all regulations, a lot of our activities are outside and we maintain safe distance.

Booking policy

The Algarve is the least affected area in Portugal by Covid-19 cases and flights are arriving without any problems at Faro Airport. If for any reason ones flight gets cancelled we offer full refund on presentation of your cancellation or if you can’t join the flight because of a positive PCR-test. In case you want to cancel your booking for other reasons, we offer you to reschedule your retreat to another suitable date. For more information, please contact us!